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Covid-19 update – URGENT NOTICE!

Dear Retailer,
Here at UWS due to the current situation with COVID 19. We have decided to put extra measures in place to protect you and our staff. Social distancing will be in place from Monday 16th of March and will continue until further notice.
All customers and staff not to connect in any way whilst in the depots.
We have cleaners in the depot whilst it’s open cleaning our checkout, trolley bars, doors, handles, keyboards etc anything that can be touched and passed on will be cleaned continuously.
Sanitizing will be available at all entrance points using this is mandatory before entering the depot.
Important colleagues who buy goods, control credit will be now isolated from all other staff and customers. These people must be protected to ensure we can continue to support you and ultimately your community.
Finally we are in unprecedented times and I urge all colleague and customers to take COVID-19 seriously. We both by working together must continue to stay healthy so we can service our community.
So Please, we urge every one of us To Take Action…..
We won’t offer our hand whilst in our depot. Please take this as a sign of protection. NO TOUCHING IS IN PLACE TO ENSURE WE CAN ALL STAY HEALTHY TO SERVICE OUR COMMUNITY
We are asking you to sanitize whilst shopping at our depots.
Stay Healthy and adopt our practices in your store. Without you and your business your community will find it difficult to function.

Are you planning ahead…..
Can you deliver to your customers that may not be able to visit your store?
Have you thought about opening earlier or later to accommodate social distancing and increased demand?
Have you engaged with the community and made them aware your here to help?

We would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for your continued support.