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Covid-19: Supply Update

We would like to say a sincere thank you to all our loyal customers for your ongoing patience during this difficult time for everyone.
The situation is changing daily and we will aim to keep our customers up to date as possible.
Please find below information in relation to our response to COVID-19:

Toilet Paper
Restrictions on toilet paper have now been lifted.
Carex Hand Wash
We are receiving deliveries every week. Stock is limited and restrictions are in place. No price marked stock available.
Carex Pmp Hand wash discontinued for time being and replaced with Std pack/ Bigger pack. We receive a small allocation every week. 
Radox/ Enliven/ Palmolive Hand Wash
Radox/ Enliven/ Palmolive Pmp Hand wash are not available until further notice.
Certex Hand Wash (new product)
Brand new range of handwash by Certex now available at Queenslie depot
DCS / SHS still have availability issues on, Hand Wash, Fairy Wul, Dettol,
Surface Cleaners and Domestos Bleaches.
Domestos have discontinued Lemon and Pink for time being as their only focus is Domestos Blue.
All Domestos lines are no longer on promotion – effective immediately.
Fariy WUL pmp discontinued and replaced with standard pack.
Heinz Soups,Sauces, Pasta Meals, Spaghetti are not available for another couple of weeks.

Dolmio / Uncle Bens only std pack is available and they pulled out promotion for Uncle Bens Rices until August/September 2020.
Cirio Tomatoes may not be available until June/July 2020.
Butioni still have availability issues, they are delivering stock but in very small quantities which may continue until June 2020.
Princess / Napolina Pasta / Batchlor Canned Veg / D’aucy Canned Veg / Crisp n Dry / Flora
Princess/ Napolina Pasta /Batchlor Canned Veg/ D’aucy Canned Veg/ Crisp n Dry/ Flora Cooking Oil have changed the packs and moved to Bigger cases size same as super market, they are struggling to keep up the demand, Most of these lines have been short delivered in last couple of week.
Premier Food
Be-Ro, Mcdougle, Great Scot Flour has serious availability problems due to huge demand in recent weeks. Flour may not be available until 15th May 2020.
Ambroisa Custard / Rice is no longer on promotion – effective immediately.
Green Giants / Betty Crocker
Green Giants / Betty Crocker discontinued all PMP and replaced it with Std/Bigger packs. All Green Giants / Betty Crocker product promotion have been withdrawn – effective immediately.
Baking Powder
Baking Powder will not be available until June 2020.
Unilever discontinued the PG tips 40’s, Colmans Sauce Pmp and King Pot noodles for the time being. These will be replaced by PG 80’s and 160’s, Colmans Std Pack and Pot Noodles for next couple of months.
Weetabix 6x24s Pmp 2.99 discontinued for time being and replaced with Weetabix 12x24s.
Catsan Cat 5 Ltr Pmp have supply chain issues. Stock will return within a couple of weeks.
Whiskas price marked marks are no longer being produced. We have no indication when this will return, we will keep you updated.
Felix Pouches will not be available for next couple of weeks, as the supplier they struggling to produce enough stock due to shortage of staff.

Tennents 500ml is available in plain pack only.
Tennents 8pk is not available until further notice.
Tennents 12pk is available on going.
Carling 500ml available in plain pack only.
Coors 500ml available in plain pack only.
Buckfast 75cl and 35cl are not available for foreseeable future.
Alternate products are available (MD 2020 / Dragonsoop)
All products manufactured by Heineken including Fosters, Heineken, Strongbow, Bira Moretti and many others are subject to strict allocations – speak with depot when ordering stock.
Smirnoff Vodka
Smirnoff 1ltr is limited to 1 case per customer.
Bud 15pack and Bud 12pack are now available.
All other Alcohol has limitations of 30 cases per customer.