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Keep your shop safe in winter; security guidelines

Are you doing enough to keep your shop safe in winter ?

As the clocks go back and the dark nights creep in…

Are you doing enough to keep your shop safe in winter?

1. Cash up your tills more frequently during the day. Don’t have more than £500 in any tills

2. Speak to your alarm company it’s beneficial to install panic buttons at each till point

3. Alway open and close with 2 people at all times

4. When banking, change your daily routine

5. Make sure your over night safe is locked and all cash, residual Tobacco or Lotto Scratchcards are always in a secure safe

6. Before locking your premises do a perimeter walk making sure no PIR or sensor has been tampered with during the day

7. Make sure you have good security lighting at the front and back of your premises

8. Add a warning notice at the front door making people aware your store is fully alarmed and 24hr cctv operation

9. Add “CCTV in operation” notices in the high value areas….Toiletries, Coffee, Alcohol, Fresh Chiller

10. Try and run the Tobacco gantry down and restock in the morning